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Southwest Seniors Golf Association
Phoenix CC

Monday, Aug 17, 2020
8am Tee Times
2901 N 7th St, Phoenix, AZ 85014

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Entry Fee 110.00
 Total  $110.00 


Review the changes made to ensure member safety for the 
Phoenix CC event scheduled for 
Monday, Aug 17, 2020. 


  1. Entry Fee - Entry fee is $110.00. Optional cash pool, of $20.00, will be collected onsite.


  2. Event start format will abandon our normal shot gun start and replaced with tee times. The intervals will be determined by the venue to meet state social distancing requirements. Tee times will be posted on the website.


  3. Registration Tent will be set up well behind the first tee to avoid competitors having to enter clubhouse facilities for needs other than personal emergencies. Competitor registration will not be required. Competitors will be required to show up on the first tee 3 to 5 minutes prior to their tee time. Questions or items of concern will be handled by the SWSGA representative manning the tent. 


  4. Drink tickets will not be distributed. The honor system will be used, each player will be entitled to one domestic beer/one Sport beverage, or two soft drinks. The golf course will be given a list of players via email and will supply the cart girl with a mechanism to identify what is distributed to the SWSGA players.  


  5. The starting field will be restricted to 104 players to accommodate the availability of carts. 


  6. Scoring - Two scorecards will be issued to a team for the purpose of eliminating scoring errors. At the finish of play one card will be turned in at the registration site. The normal requirement of all players signatures will be waived. The scorer’s signature would be the only signature required. The card should be submitted by the scorer and placed in the scorecard box.


  7. Flagsticks will remain in the hole and not be removed  


  8. Closest to the Pin competition will be eliminated for this event to avoid multiple competitors touching the measuring devices, and prevent the removal of flagsticks. 


  9. SWSGA logo merchandise will not be offered. If there is something you may want, please email swsga.com and we will bring it to the registration tent.  


  10. Group pictures will not be taken in order to conform to “social distancing” requirements.


  11. Food function. Our normal post play buffet style food offering will be eliminated.


 These changes are driven by Covid 19 state legislation for your safety, and temporary in nature as we hope a return to normality is in the future. Currently, COVID-19 Arizona regulations are in effect and you are making a decision to be a player in our SWSGA tournament at Phoenix CC with the full knowledge of the risks. In addition to the various changes, it is of utmost importance to conform to “social distancing” requirements by ensuring a distance of 6 feet apart from those around you.

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