2019 MGA 18 Membership Registration
Annual dues are $40.00
You may join anytime throughout the season.
Complete all information below and submit through this webpage.
This On-line application is the only way to signup. 

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Are you new to the MGA?
 Please Indicate The Group You Expect To Play In
The MGA schedules tournaments on Mondays and Tuesdays.
Groups are divided by GHIN Index and tee box.

Scratch - Plays Tuesday from the White tees. Index Range 9.9 or less.

Group 1 - Plays Tuesday from the White tees. Index Range 0 - 9.9.

Group 2 - Plays Tuesday from the Silver/White or White tees. Index Range 10.0 - 15.5.

Group 3 - Plays Monday from the Silver or Silver/White tees. Index Range 12.5 - 18.5.

Group 4 - Plays Monday from the Silver or Gold tees. Index Range 18.6 or more.

Select the Group you are expecting to play in.

Would you be willing to serve as a Tournament Director?
Hole-in-One Club:
An eligible Hole-in-One must be made during an 
MGA 18 event only. Joining is optional. You can join anytime up to the Member/Member Tournament in August. Full details are available at the Hole-in-One Club menu item on this Website

In 2018 we had 266 members join. Two MGA members split the $1330 cash pot. Another member had a Hole-in-One but elected to not join the HiO club. Don't be that guy, JOIN TODAY! 

Hole-in-One fee: $5 for current members.

Would you like to join the Hole-in-One Club?
*H-I-O Club?
 Payment Options
PAYMENT NOTE:  If you pay by credit card, put an "X" in the Check # box below. If you pay by check, enter the check number in the box and make the check out to MGA18. Mail your check immediately to:

   HSV MGA 18
   c/o AC Watts
   P.O. Box 8494
   Hot Springs Village, AR, 71910
*Check #

Please select the desired payment option below (Credit Card or Check). Credit Card options include a required processing fee. If paying with Credit Card you will be re-directed to the PayPal site. If you do not wish to use PayPal, you will have the option to select: Pay with Debit or Credit Card
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If the registration is completed correctly, you will receive an IMMEDIATE confirmation plus an email. If this does not happen, you have not completed all required sections. Go back and ensure all sections are complete before submitting.
 Total Payment Due  $0.00 

If you don't receive an immediate confirmation, check to ensure all required sections have been completed.

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