2021 2-Person Team Match Play

Round 1 Saturday April 17, 2021
1st Tee Time 7:12 AM
Metropolitan Golf Links
10051 Doolittle Drive
Oakland, CA 94603

Signup Deadline - Wednesday April 14th, 11:59 PM

Format and Rules

Entry Fee:




This championship will be a match play elimination bracket event. The competition will consists of one flight. If there are more than 16 teams, 1st round will be a play in/seeding round where the top 16 teams will advance to single elimination Match play.  There will be four rounds of Match play which will mutually arranged between the golfers. The championship is open to all 2021 MGC members. USGA match play rules apply. 

Play will be from the white tees.

The tournament is a four-ball, net best ball format.Two partners play as a team, each playing their own ball. The lower net score between the partners is the team score for the hole.

There will be a maximum of five (5) strokes between two partners on one team. You may play with whoever you wish, but if player A is a 5 course handicap and player B is a 14 course handicap, player B will have to play to a 10 handicap. In the event you do not have a partner to play with as a team, the Tournament Chair will pair you up with another registered member within, or as close to 5 strokes of your handicap index to form a team. Team play is a great way to make friends and network with club members.

Each player plays to their low index for the past year as established by GHIN. This index based on low index for 12 months prior to April 15 and will be frozen from going up for the for the balance of the tournament. But if a players low index is revised lower by the GHIN Handicap Network or the Handicap Committee, then they will be responsible for using the updated lower low index.

All players will play off the lowest handicap of the player in the foursome. Example:

Player Index Handicap Strokes

Team A-1 3.9 4 0

Team A-2 10.1 (8.9) 9 5

Team B-1 7.8 8 4

Team B-2 12.1 12 8

Player A-2 would have a stroke on each of the five lowest handicap holes, Player B-1 on the four lowest handicap holes, and B-2 on the 8 lowest handicap holes. If one partner fails to complete play of a hole, there is no penalty.

Initial pairings will be determined by the blind draw of a hat.

All players will play the first round on the same day. Subsequent rounds will be arranged between the players with deadline dates. Three weeks are given for the competitors to complete rounds 2, 3 and 4 and the flight playoff. Play will be completed by Sept 17. Results being updated on the club website and in the Metropolitan clubhouse as play occurs.

Play in/Seeding: April 17th
Round 1: April 19 - May 16

Quarter Finals: May 17 - June 06
Semifinals: June 07 - June 27
Finals: June 28 - July 25

All matches will be played at Metropolitan Golf Links. All matches MUST be completed within the schedule listed above. Players are responsible for scheduling their matches.

There may be an occasion when one team member is late or unable to play at all. In that event, the remaining team member may play alone but is only allowed to play their own ball. If late, the partner may join after a completed hole but is not allowed to play previous holes.

$60 per team (full tournament) plus green fees -$50 walking-$60 w/cart (Round 1)

Prize fund payout will be prize money and will be paid to overall winner and semi-finalists. 1st place team 40%, 2nd place team 30%, 3rd place teams (2) 10% each. Player of the year points will be awarded. All players receive 75 points each for Round 1 and 25 points each for each additional round played.

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Please remember that this event is  for Metropolitan Golf Club members only.
For information about becoming a member please go to "Join Now" at MetroGolfClub.com

To signup please fill the form out below or Contact Tournament Director - Roger Ortega at 541 993-7090 email metrogolfclub@gmail.com

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