2020 Sal Gomez Cup Individual Match Play
Round 1 Sunday, May 3
First Tee Time 7:12 am
Metropolitan Golf Links 

Signup Deadline - 04/29/2020 

Format and Rules: 

Entry Fee:


This championship will be a match play elimination bracket event. There will be five rounds of competition. The championship is open to all 2020 MGC members. USGA match play rules apply. 

2019 Champion - Dan Boone

All players will play the first round on the same day, Saturday May 3. Subsequent rounds will be arranged between the players with deadline dates. Three weeks are given for the competitors to complete rounds 2, 3, and 4 and the playoff. Play will be completed by August 13.

Round 1: May 3
Round 2: May 25 - June 14
Round 3: June 15 - July 5
Semi-finals: July 6 - July 26
Finals: July 27- August 16

Self-scheduled matches will be played anytime during each round time periods with results being updated on the club website as play occurs.
Phone numbers and email addresses will be provided on the bracket list to assist in contacting your opponent for each match. 

All matches MUST be completed within the schedule listed above.  Any match not played within the allotted time frame will be scheduled by the tournament committee for the weekend following the deadline.  If only one player is present at the scheduled tee time, they will be declared the winner, if neither player is present at the scheduled tee time, then both players will be disqualified, and the person scheduled to play the winner of that match will receive a bye.

White tees will be used for all play.

Each player plays to their low index for the past year as established by GHIN. This index based on low index for 12 months prior to April 29 and will be frozen from going up for the for the balance of the tournament. But if a players low index is revised lower by the GHIN Handicap Network or the Handicap Committee, then they will be responsible for using the updated lower low index.

Handicaps will be based on the lower handicap of the two players.  The player with the lowest handicap (referred to as player 1) shall be adjusted to “0,” and the other player (referred to as player 2) will subtract their handicap from player 1’s handicap.

For example, handicaps for a match would be applied as follows:

  • Player 1 has a tournament handicap of 8, which would be adjusted to a 0.
  • Player 2 has a tournament handicap of 12, which would be adjusted to a 4 by subtracting their 12 handicap from player 1’s 8 handicap.  
  • Player 2 will stroke on handicap holes 1-4.

Recording of Scores & Results: Scorecards must be signed by both players. The winning player must inform a member of the Metro staff who will provide the match results to the tournament director via email/phone. Scores must be reported before the end of the round period to enable the players to schedule their next match.

Information provided should include:

  1. Match result recorded as just the final scoring (example: “3 and 2”)
  2. Date match was played

The tournament entry fee is $30 and is payable by the morning of Round 1. The signup deadline will be May 16, 2017, and entry into the event can be made either online at http://www.metrogolfclub.com/ or by using the drop box at the Metropolitan Golf Club.  Metropolitan will charge $45 ($55 with cart) for each round of weekend play and normal daily fees for other days.  This is the same rate they charge for all MCG tournaments.

Prize fund payout will be paid to overall champion (1) 25%, 2nd Place (1) 15%; loser semi-finals (2) 10% each; loser quarter-finals (4) 5% each. Player of the year points will be awarded: 250 points for overall champion, 150 points for 2nd place, 100 points for loser semi-finals, 75 points for loser quarter-finals and 50 points for all remaining players. Winner qualifies for Tournament of Champions.

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This event is open to Metropolitan Golf Club members only.
For information about becoming a member please CLICK HERE

To signup please fill the form out below or Contact Tournament Director - Dudley Thompson at 510 453-9962 email Dudley@MetroGolfClub.com

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